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There are no rules regarding who can get pierced where, really, just ones society has imposed on us. Gender stereotyping and rules suck. They affect people of all genders. If women are too emotional to do manly things, that means men are punished for showing emotion. It's BS. During the Renaissance, men wore earrings more than women.

This aligns similarly with men getting their right ear pierced. It's not common in modern times for people to see a man with a piercing on the right as gay, so unless you want to stick closely with the rules of some traditional cultures and religions, either the right or left works just fine. When deciding which side to get pierced, it's. 2013. 6. 30. · Anything beyond that is just... no. I personally have 12g in my ears, and have had no issues with jobs/being looked down on/etc. It's a bit bigger than a normal piercing, but still.


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Does the Bible talk about men getting their ears pierced or piercings in general? Should we have our infant sons circumcised? Who do the pastors believe the.

2016. 11. 9. · November 9, 2016. Ear piercing for men is growing in popularity, and we have the numbers to prove it. Our research shows that 46% of all adults aged 19 & over who were pierced in the last 5 years or plan to be pierced this year are male.

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